Technical Information

Vacuum Pumps


ITV 1 - Units Converstion

ITV 2 - Effect of service liquid temperature on the liquid ring vacuum pump capacity

ITV 3 Evacuation Priming Pressure

ITV 4 Temperature change of service liquid

ITV 5 Operating torque

ITV 6 Liquid ring vacuum pumps noise level

ITV 7 Anticavitation valve kit

ITV 8 Effect of saturated air on liquid ring vacuum pumps capacity

ITV 12.1 Vibration classes

Centrifugal Pumps


ITC 1 - Typical seal flushing plans

ITC 2 - Allowable forces and movements for monostage centrifugal pumps

ITC 3 - Starting torque

ITC 4 - Chemical monostage centrifugal pumps bearing housing size

ITC 6 - Head loss for 100 m length of steel pipeline pumping water at room temperature

ITC 7 - Correction values when pumping viscous liquids

ITC 7.2 Instruction for preliminary pump selections for given operating conditions when newtonian liquid viscosity is different than water

ITC 8 - Weight and dynamic moment of steel and shaft impeller

ITC 11.1 - Vibrations classification

ITC 12.1 Increasing the temperature of the pumped liquid

ITC 19.1 - Auxiliary connections and hookup plans