Over 80 years of quality pump manufacturing

Service & Repair

Maximizing the life span of any pump or system requires consistent maintenance to insure continuous quality operation of your high performance devices. Travaini supports our Products with detailed Operations and Maintenance Manuals that can be downloaded from the Product Section of our website for each family of products. For further details email CustomerService@Travaini.com.

Combine this with the specialists of the Travaini Service Network and you have Service to meet your every need.

Our extensive distributor network provides you with that local service to assist you in maintaining the performance of your pump or your system. For local distributor support, please refer to the Contact Us section of our website.

Travaini Service School

To enhance the knowledge of our customers and distributors we conduct on a regular basis throughout the year Service Classes to pass on our expertise in the proper procedures for maintenance of liquid ring and rotary vane pumps, compressors, and systems.

For those times, that require expertise beyond normal maintenance our Service and Repair Center is ready to assist you. With years of experience in diagnostic and practical application, our people are prepared to assist in determining what course of action is best for your situation.

Travaini's Service and Repair Center has extensive capability to repair vacuum pumps and systems.

Standard Repair Capabilities

Return Inspection

Pumps or systems are disassembled, inspected and the cause of the failure determined. This enables us to provide you with information as to why the failure occurred, corrective action to be taken, and determine the best type of repair for your particular application in order to prolong life. A firm quote for repair is prepared and sent to you.


New, remanufactured and repaired parts supplied meet all current specifications.

Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Packing

New bearings, gaskets, packing, seals, and piping are always supplied on every authorized repair.


Travaini has the current manufacturer's drawings and dimensions. All tolerances are set to these current specifications based on Travaini's drawings. Only Travaini Pumps USA has these detailed specifications.


All clearances and tolerances are checked at assembly. All components are inspected for proper fit and smooth operation.


All units are primed and painted the same as the Travaini standard color. Units can be painted to your particular specifications with regards to color and material.

Final Inspection

Units are inspected prior to shipping on each repair order shipment. All open nozzles are covered with shipping covers to protect your pump or system against inclement weather, foreign objects, or tampering.


Travaini warrants all repairs for material and workmanship against defects for six (6) months from date of shipment.

System Analysis

Travaini has been a leader in the development of vacuum pump system installation and trouble shooting since we began. Travaini can assist you in solving startup issues and system trouble shooting to eliminate costly downtime. Our staff brings years of experience involving complete vacuum systems and are trained to resolve your system issue. Our focus is quality and speed to maintain your operations.

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