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Celebrating 30 Years Serving the United States Market!

Travaini Pumps USA was founded on June 12, 1986 as the marketing channel for products manufactured in our factory located in Castano Primo, Italy.  Our expertise in liquid ring vacuum pumps has created a solid foundation we have been able to grow from.  In 1999 we moved from our original location in Michigan City, Indiana, to our present location in Yorktown, Virginia.  

As we celebrate our 30th year in the United States, we have doubled down on our commitment to providing our customers what they want, when they want it.  We have expanded our product offering to include rotary lobe blowers, exhausters, and boosters.  Our combination of our boosters and liquid ring vacuum pumps offers a unique and efficient solution to a wide variety of industries.  Additionally we also now offer an extended range of liquid ring compressors, a product greatly complimented by our recent acquisition of NSB compressors.  Beyond this, when a customer buys a Travaini product, they are getting more than the sum of the parts; they are getting the support of a passionate team that deeply cares about what they do.  

Many exciting projects are well under way here at Travaini Pumps USA.  We are continuously working to improve every aspect of our business so that the satisfaction of our customer’s is as high as it can be.  As we look towards the future, we can only imagine the exciting road that lies ahead of us.  As an open invitation to you, our reader, join us as we continue our journey into tomorrow.